Word Processing

To begin our discussion of Word Processing, it is important that we understand exactly what these programs do. Word Processors are machines or programs that allow you to convert thoughts and ideas into concrete, readable, and exchangeable forms. The machines or programs take the place of conventional typewriters and pens and paper.

Now, this may seem basic and elementary to you, but understanding this idea is critical to learning to use Word Processing. The idea that Word Processing is some kind of magic formula to make you a better writer, or to do the work of writing for you is simply wrong. Word Processing is a tool to help you get the most out of your writing and documents.

There are several very good Word Processing programs available on the market today. All of them will help you create professional looking documents. The most popular Word Processing program on the market today is Microsoft Word. This program is included in the Microsoftb Office package of programs and also in the latest versions of Microsoft Works.

The popularity of Microsoft Word is due to a number of reasons. First, it is by far the program with the most features. Second, it is a very logical program, leading the user through its menus and wizards in a fairly obvious and orderly fashion. Basically, it's easy to learn and easier to use!

Because of these reasons, the material presented here will deal with Microsoft Word. The version of Word will be from Microsoft Office XP Pro 2003 and 2007. In order for you to see as well as read the answer you will be presented with screen-pictures and videos.

Material will be updated and added weekly so that the student may use previous material and practice the concepts at your leisure. The material is printable so you might have a hard copy of the text with which to study and work. These lessons are free to use as you see fit. If you have specific questions, please use the input form on the Home Page to submit them so that everyone can benefit from the answers. Thanks.


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