How do I find things on the Internet?

  1. If you do not know the address of the site you want to visit, you can use a Search Engine to find it. The most popular Search Engines are:

    1. Lycos - at

    2. Yahoo - at

    3. Excite - at

    4. Google - at

  2. If you can't decide which Search Engine to use, you can go to and conduct a search using over seven-hundred different Search Engines at once.

  3. Notice that web addresses here in the search results are in blue. This is how you'll see "Links" on the Web. Anytime you see a blue listing, it's normally an address that, if you click on it, will take you to that site. You will also notice that the curser turns into a finger whenever it passes over a link, indicating that by pushing the "button" you will be transported to the new place.