How do I set up an e-mail account in Outlook or Outlook Express?

In order to use Outlook or Outlook Express, it is necessary to "set up" the account. When you start either Outlook or Outlook Express, the program runs the Setup Wizard to assist you in this process.

  1. The first question the Setup Wizard asks is "Your Name." This is the name you want people receiving your mail to see, normally your given name. Enter the information and click "Next."

  2. Now you are asked for your e-mail address. (The proper structure of an e-mail address is the name you have selected as your Screen Name joined with the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The two pieces of the address are seperated by a the "at" (@) sign.

  3. At this point you are asked for your e-mail protocol and its incoming and outgoing e-mail servers. This questions asks you to specify how e-mail is moved by your ISP. Most often your e-mail source is a POP3 account using the incoming and outgoing servers of "mail.the name of your ISP." To find the required inputs, check your e-mail FAQs on-line.

  4. Now you will notice that the name your entered as your Screen Name is already filled in in the "User" box and it asks for your password to be entered. This is the password you selected when you opened the account with your ISP. Enter the password and click "Next."

  5. That should have your e-mail account set up after you click "Finish."